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Golden Image Enterprises Set to Launch Their ‘What’s My Win’ Wellness Initiative
on higi’s Nationwide Community Health Engagement Platform

November 16, 2016 09:35 ET

‘What’s My Win’ (#whatsmywin) Is a Global Initiative Developed by Golden Image to Recognize, Connect, Celebrate, and Reward All Those Taking Steps Toward Wellness

  LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwired – November 16, 2016) – Paul Ring, President of Golden Image Enterprises, officially announced today that Golden Image has aligned with wellness pioneer, higi, to launch What’s My Win (#whatsmywin), a global initiative developed to recognize, celebrate, connect, and reward all those taking steps toward wellness. With the launch of What’s My Win and the strategic higi alignment, Golden Image becomes a leading developer of entertainment and purpose-driven campaigns and initiatives for higi and their growing community of over 35 million unique users.

From monumental, cause-driven events like Darren Kavinoky‘s forthcoming Run Across America to simply visiting your local higi health station to check-in, Golden Image initiatives are designed to raise awareness about health and wellness by challenging participants to take a proactive role in their own transformation by simply participating in daily tasks designed to inform and inspire. The Golden Image team is anxious for everyone to share their personal wins using the #whatsmywin hash tag.

Golden Image Enterprises’ What’s My Win initiative (#whatsmywin) selected higi to leverage its retail health station network and engagement platform to incent and reward participants for being active and completing regular health screenings. Free to consumers, higi enables users and campaign participants to collect and track their biometric and activity data in an all-in-one personal record generated from higi stations (at over 10,000 food, drug, mass retail locations) and from over 70+ activity trackers and health devices. As a result, #whatsmywin will work with influencers to empower consumers to know their numbers to promote positive behavior change.

The What’s My Win initiative was launched to recognize and celebrate the importance of finding your own path toward a better you, and embracing the fact that each and every step toward wellness is a win. Whether it’s focusing on your breathing for sixty seconds, standing up and walking in place, hydrating properly with water, or simply heading to your local higi health station to monitor your blood pressure for free, each of these accomplishments are huge wins, worthy of celebration and reward.

With Golden Image’s What’s My Win initiative, strategic partners, celebrities, musicians, media personalities, and initiative supporters will be promoting #whatsmywin across all social media platforms to find, recognize, and reward individuals around the world for their wellness wins. The moment an individual shares their win with #whatsmywin on social media and tags Golden Image Enterprises in their post, they become eligible to receive discounts, downloads, and prizes from strategic partners supporting the initiative. In an effort to encourage, not intimidate, the What’s My Win initiative exists to inspire humans to find their own wins regardless of where they are on their respective journey. As long as it is one positive step toward wellness, it is a win for us all.

“What’s My Win was developed to inspire and empower as many people as possible with the tools, information, and sense of community they need to make significant lifestyle changes with the least amount of struggle. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or currently living a sedentary lifestyle, everyone changes the moment they decide to. We simply wanted to support that decision with the tools and inspiration needed to turn those wins into a transformation,” said Golden Image President, Paul Ring. He continued, “Our initiatives are designed to keep participants motivated through a healthy blend of entertainment, reward, and awareness. Higi’s platform could not be a more ideal fit for our vision and I speak for my entire team when I say we are both humbled and exhilarated by the opportunity to truly change lives.”

To learn more about Golden Image Enterprises and the What’s My Win (#whatsmywin) initiative, click here or find us on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!

About Golden Image Enterprises Golden Image Enterprises is a global health and wellness collective of inspirational celebrities, wellness experts, social media personalities, legendary musicians, and top business innovators committed to one singular mission: elevate global health and wellness by challenging humanity to take a proactive role in their own transformation. Through daily participation in challenges designed to inform and transform, authentic change begins the moment a participant engages and grows stronger with each completed task. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or currently living a sedentary lifestyle, Golden Image was formed to support and empower a person’s desire to change with the tools and inspiration needed to turn that decision into a sustainable transformation. With Golden Image’s team of multidiscipline wellness crusaders, their focus is to incorporate creative and compelling ways to balance health, wellness, and entertainment into awareness campaigns designed to inspire, motivate, and engage participants in long-term, wellness initiatives. Find Golden Image Enterprises on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!

About higi Higi’s mission is to get consumers to take small but meaningful steps to create lasting health habits. Its unique, retail, omni-channel community health engagement platform gives consumers the power to collect (and, when they opt-in, share) their health and activity data with trusted partners and communities.

The higi platform includes the nation’s largest connected network of health stations in the U.S. that an estimated 35 million consumers, and growing, have accessed at over 10,000 food, drug and mass-market retail locations. The platform includes the station, web, and mobile app platform. Higi stations are HIPAA-compliant, FDA 510k, Class II medical devices that provide screenings for blood pressure, pulse, weight and body mass index; these stations provide a secure real-time flow of information with multiple screening and tracking modalities, incentives and rewards. This 360-degree, cross-device ecosystem meets consumers where they are (in retail, mobile, home) and enables healthcare stakeholders to better engage with consumers and patients, creating access and actionable insights that motivate and empower individuals in simple, fun and rewarding ways. For more information, visit us at and follow us on Twitter @higi. In addition, prospective partner developers can learn more about higi’s API by visiting

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